AP8 produces all artworks to international gallery standards using archival papers and pigment inks. As a result, your limited edition artwork will retain its beauty for a lifetime with minimal care.

Artworks look great at eye level which is why art galleries and museums display them like this. We recommend hanging your artwork at approximately 1.4m - 1.6m from the floor to the artwork's centre. Try to avoid placing your artwork in direct sunlight as this may cause fading over time. AP8 recommends using a professional art hanger for optimum results.


Day to day you can simply clean your framed artwork by wiping it down with a clean, damp lint-free cloth. For a deeper clean, you must first remove any dust prior to cleaning it with the damp cloth. This is important to prevent scratching caused by dust or dirt particles during the cleaning process. Dust can be removed with a feather duster, or another soft lint-free cloth. Only apply gentle pressure when dusting and cleaning. Be sure to gently move the cloth around to different areas in the cleaning process, allowing the clean area of the cloth to contact the frame. After dusting, the external wooden frames and acrylic (glass-like front) can also be cleaned with a damp, soft lint-free cloth. Only apply a small amount of water to the cloth (say in one corner) and only clean the areas required (where there might be finger-marks for example). Finally, be sure to remove any excess moisture with a dry part of the cloth immediately. AP8 recommends wearing their jazzy lint free cotton gloves that came with your framed limited edition artwork whenever moving or handling your precious artwork.