When reimagining what collecting art could look like, we first wanted to understand what makes art covetable and collectible and why had this been missing online.

While most online art platforms dilute the tradition of collecting by hosting hundreds of artists with their works available in many sizes and frame options, AP8 has taken the guess work out of buying art by curating museum quality artworks accompanied with the provenance you need to authenticate and value an artwork as you build your collection.

AP8 works directly with artists and their estates, each collection is curated and produced as a unique series of certified limited editions. AP8 artworks are delivered framed and ready to display in your home just as the artist intended it, white gloves and all. All AP8 collections are available until sold out and never reproduced again.

Collecting art, like collecting anything, is about what you desire, what you love and what you consider valuable. AP8 brings you art to love, covet and collect.

Viola Raikhel - AP8 Curator & Co-founder